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EFES INTERNATIONAL LLC was established in 2018 as a branch company of EFES Group HULAN UUL LLC in the field of foreign trade. We imports food products from the European Union that meet international food quality standards and supplies them to the Mongolian market.

Our company imports more than 26 types of Vinex Slavyantsi brand pure grape wine and vermouth from Bulgaria, 3 types of Sentero brand red wine from Felix Solis factory in Spain, and 50 sorts of 100% fruit juices from HORTEX brand, which has a history of sixty years, from Poland. juices, more than 40 types of frozen vegetables and fruits, 10 kinds of FLIS HAPPY cereal cookies are sold and distributed officially.
We are cooperating with manufacturers certified by European food quality standards, which are renowned in many countries around the world, with the aim of delivering high quality healthy products to Mongolian consumers.


Our service works look like this